ASIC Miner Repair

It doesn't matter whether you're a hobbyist or run a commercial mining operation, Miner Repair Ltd. is ready to clean and repair your machines so you can get back to your full hashrate as soon as possible!

About Us

About Us

Miner Repair Ltd. was born out of necessity in early 2021, when a family-owned mining operation in southern Manitoba bought a large order of used Bitmain T17’s.

Starting as a small in-house repair shop primarily consolidating and cleaning T17’s, Miner Repair naturally shifted into a fully functional ASIC miner repair business. Investing in better in-house power infrastructure as well as high quality repair equipment and training, Miner Repair Ltd. has successfully started servicing miners for clients locally and Canada wide.

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How it works

Intro to Services

Starting at $100
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Intro to Services

Starting at $100

We offer a multitude of services from miner and hashboard cleaning to repair, as well as modification.

We begin by cleaning and diagnosing the hashboards and chassis. Then depending on the status of the miner, we provide component replacement as well as chip level repairs.


Ship us your parts

Ship your broken or dirty miners to our repair facility.


Clean + Diagnose

We will clean your miner, inside and out as well as diagnose potential issues with it.



We are able to consolidate compatible miners for quicker throughput.



We can repair any broken hashboards, controller boards, power supplies, and replace any cables/fans.


Burn in + testing

To ensure a quality repair we run each repaired miner for at least a 24-hour (burn in) test cycle.


Parts shipped back to you

When the miner or components are adequately repaired, they will be shipped back to your mining facility.


Full Package


  • Clean Boards/Chassis
  • Diagnose Problems
  • Repair
  • Test and Ship Back
Clean + Diagnose


  • Remove Hashboards
  • Clean Boards/Chassis
  • Energize Machine
  • Diagnose Possible Faults


  • Remove Broken Boards
  • Clean Boards/Chassis
  • Combine Good Chassis/Boards
  • Energize/Test Machine
Diagnose + Fix


  • Energize/Diagnose Machine
  • Remove Broken Hashboards
  • Clean/Repair Components
  • Reassemble and Test


The speed at which your miner is repaired depends on few different factors such as current shop workload, backlog queue’s, complexity of repair, and whether consolidation is possible. Regardless of these factors though, we try not to hold a machine for longer than 30 days.

Yes, we do include a 14 day warranty for all cleaning, consolidation, and repair work completed.

In short, no, not always. We do our best to exhaust as many options as possible while repairing machines, but unfortunately, the hard truth is that some machines are beyond repair, and we are not a rework centre.

Yes, we are open to negotiating price discounts if the order for repair is large enough.

Ready to get started?

Do you have a miner or hashboards that aren’t currently functional? Reach out to us for a free consult and see if our services are right for you!

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